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Kina on Crazed Hits website home page! :)

Crazed Hits displays Kina on their website home page! 🙂

Source:,and Kina for finding this post.


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Article about “Stairwells” from the NIUI newspaper.

This article talks about the success of  Kina’s album “Stairwells”.

“Stairwells,” an album by YouTube performer/musician Kina Grannis was released on February 23rd with nothing more than just the money from her savings and support from her family, friends, and fans. There were no commercials, no publicists, no hyped up TV commercial spots, press releases or official radio plugs. Fans all over the world, called “Kination” and Grannis’ supporters, dubbed as “Street Teamers,” are what drove the success of the “Stairwells” album release.

Grannis’ heart and soul is imbedded in this album. Full of earnest lyrics in very emotionally induced songs, “Stairwells” is the epitome of an acoustic album. Songs such as “In Your Arms,” “Cambridge” and “Stay Just a Little” could possibly even leave the listener a little teary-eyed. The album also includes “Message From Your Heart,” the song that helped Grannis win the Crash The Superbowl contest.

“Stairwells” does not lack in emotion, and it definitely is excellent instrumentally as well. Grannis does away with all the overly mixed and digitized hooks, and takes advantage of the clean and crisp sounds of acoustic guitars and the piano. It is comparable to albums that have been produced by the likes of Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat, who are also known for their acoustic songs.

Despite the lack of publicity, Stairwells made it to the Billboard’s Top 200. Grannis’ personality shines through in every song on the album. Her songs are inviting and very easy to relate to.

“Stairwells” is available for purchase through iTunes and through Grannis` website, Songs can also be previewed before purchasing.

Visit to view the official music video for Grannis’ single “Valentine” and all other videos of her songs, both original and covers.

Source: Illinois University Independent, and Dr. Grannis for finding the post.

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Kina & Youtubers at the Ryan Seacrest & Justin Beiber Event at Disneyland


On March 26, Justin Bieber and Ryan Seacrest had a special exclusive Q&A session and short performance at Disneyland!

I was invited by David Choi and got to attend the event with Wong Fu Productions (Ted Fu & Wesley Chan), Kina Grannis, and KevJumba!!!

We also saw a few YouTubers as well!

Here is a quick vlog of the day’s events! Hope you like it!

Important Links:
David Choi –
Wong Fu Productions –
Kina Grannis –
KevJumba –

Special Mentions:
Traphik –…
Tay Zonday –
MysteryGuitarMan –
iJustine –
Olga Kay –
sXephil –

Video Credit & Source: pk511

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HEY KINERDS! I need your help/insite on something

Hey Kinerds/Kination!

It’s Kim here… as you might now…I’ve been brain storming on Fans Of Kina Gear… so we can promote Kina what I need help on is the design…I have some sketches jotted down, but I need to put color and such too If you have any ideas or designs for it please let me know (by leaving a comment or emailing us at ) I’d like to keep you guys involved with this because you are the fans.

I’m trying to think of a Logo for Fans Of Kina too? That’s Kind of Tricky for me…so input would be appreciated… Muchas Gracias mi Kina Familia! (Thank you very much my Kina Family!)… haha ❤ you all!

❤ Kim

4/9/10 EDIT: We hit a speed bump, so We’ll still be working on the Logo for Fans Of Kina…but Fans Of Kina Gear is at a hault until further notice. Thank you for your patience and all for your imput! <33

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Kina’s Song “Valentine” in a wedding Video! <3 So cute!!

Warren ♥ Bernadette \\ March 26 2010 \\ SDE from Love Story Media on Vimeo

Our first SDE of 2010, shot on Canon DSLRs at 24p. No more choppy pans in the vimeo encode. See the blog post here:

Music by Kina Grannis:

Visit us at

I’m loving this! So Super Cute! Thanks Love Story Media for Using Kina’s Song to show these Amazing Shots! ❤ Love them!