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@TheEllenShow @KinaGrannis should be on your Show ( #KinaGrannisOnEllen ) Here’s why->

Kina writes her own songs, she’s down to earth, & an Amazing Singer. She has that something special that a Successful Artist needs,  and I believe she is  Definitely the Next Big Thing in Music!  Wouldn’t it be cool to say you had this Amazing Singer/Song writer on your show? I think Yes!  Check out her Music Video Below (see how amazing her voice is) , want to know more about Kina? and her website  . Thank you so much for the Time Ellen! ❤

Video Credit: KinaGrannis

Oh yeah another Terrific thing about Kina,  She connects and communicates on a personal level with all of her fans! No Joke…she’s that Awesome!


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New VID & Bla(h)g “Mr. Sun”

Video Credit: kinagrannis

stairwells springtime tour!!
i am beyond excited to finally be out on the road and meet all you lovely people in person! all but 2 of the 14 shows have been officially announced on my shows page, so be sure check if there’s one by you (or anyone you know)!

here’s a list of the cities i’ll be playing in:

Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Decatur, GA
Nashville, TN
Lexington, KY
Toronton, Canada
Ann Arbor, MI
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Vienna, VA
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY
Boston, MA

you can get all the show details, including links to pre-order your tickets, here:

there’s also a facebook event and for the tour! check it out, and if you’re so inclined, let you’re friends know about it too 😉

RSVP via twitter here:

Read the rest of her blag(h) ->

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Poll! What’s Kina’s next Music Video going to be?

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#FF @KinaGrannis! #nowplaying “Delicate” & Happy 2 months #Stairwells! <33

Video Credit: Kina Grannis


Listen & Download Kina’s New CD Stairwells on iTunes:…

Order a physical copy of Stairwells:

Kina if you’re reading this, I just want to say Thank You for all your hard work you put into Stairwells and Now the Tour! We appreciate everything you do! ❤

Kinerds you know I love you guys! Thank you for supporting Kina, and doing all that hard work Street Teaming and spreading the word on Kina’s Music! ❤ & Hugs all around!  -Kim