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Behind the Scenes at San Diego Living!

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So the wonderfully amazing Kina Grannis stopped by our studio today.. I kinda fanboy’d out on her.. asking her questions about her tour and Why Judy didn’t get with Phil in the FunEmployed Series LOL But she was sooo nice, and if you haven’t had a chance to hear this brilliant singer, check out her youtube channel and subscribe..

She’s starting her tour in 2 days.. and one stop is here in San Diego’s Anthology, its a venue i’ve wanted to check out since they opened and so far only like 2 bands not including Kina, were enticing enough to make me think twice about going.. but Kina’s show is one I want to see, especially after seeing how well her Springtime tour went..

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One thought on “Behind the Scenes at San Diego Living!

  1. ah! this is so exciting! i can’t wait to get home and watch the videos 😀

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