Fans Of Kina!

All about Kina Grannis!


Welcome to Fans Of Kina, we are an unofficial fan community. We are your newest source to everything on the talented artist Kina Grannis! Here we hope to provide Kinerds and Kination with the latest Kina news, media, images and more! Send your pictures, stories, videos, ideas, questions, comments, and any Kina news to us! Please enjoy your stay & keep visiting us for the latest Kina News!

~Fans Of Kina Staff with Kina~


Staff Intros:

Hi! I’m Kim..I made this Fan-site for Kina Grannis, a Great Artist who deserves to be heard…she’s down to earth and has an Amazing Voice! If you have any questions…please feel free to leave a comment and let me know why you love Kina & her music or anything about the site…Thanks so much!..TTYS!

❤ Kim

We have added a staff member! My friend Eimi will be starting to update soon! You guys will love her she’s a total Kinerd! Haha..<3

Hi all!

I’m Eimi (Amy) and the second updater for FansOfKina. I’ve been a Kinerd for almost three years and enjoy spreading the word on this amazingly talented musician. The first video I remember watching was her Doritos entry a couple year’s back of her very catchy song, ‘Message from Your Heart’. Since then, I have been a devoted fan and I love meeting fellow Kinerds along the way who share the same admiration for Kina and her art. And to reiterate what Kim said, please feel free to leave me a comment, if you have any suggestions or just simply want to share your admiration for Kina . Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Eimi ❤

We have added a staff member! Lupe! She will be starting to update soon!


My name is Lupe, i’m 18 years young. I’ve been a proud Kinerd for about one year now. I enjoy spreading the KinaLove, because as most of us know, not only is Kina’s music honest and fun, but she has a genuinely nice personality, and a heart bigger than the sun!

So enjoy this website and let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make it better! Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon-Lupe


Contact Info:


Facebook: **NEW**

Twitter: @FansofKina

Hope to tweet or talk to you soon!


Other Kina Fan Sites:


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