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KGST’s SCP for @KinaGrannis! INCREDIBLE!!!

KGSTers, you have moved me to tears. i have no words. here’s a pic of me and the baby once i collected myself ❤

As you all know, During Kina’s Stairwells Spring Time Tour, her Grandfathers Ukulele was stolen, with a number of other things, such as merch, gps, etc.

The KGST all came together with their Huge HEARTS, an had a custom Ukulele made for Kina! We want to thank each and every one of you, who has taken time to put up flyers and searched online, searched local stores in GA for Kina’s Grandpa’s Ukulele.<3

And then for the ones who watched the process of the Ukulele and made sure everything went smoothly, to the ones who helped assemble the people, donations, video , pictures, and spreading the word of this AMAZING gift. Without you all, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Message To Kina: Kina Thank you for being Truly a BLESSING in all of our Lives, we are so Thankful, and Blessed ourselves to be able to be apart of your INCREDIBLE Journey! We all hope you loved this Amazing Gift of our Love for you! We all can’t wait to hear our little baby being played in front of millions of Sold Out Concerts! Thank you again for everything Kina! ❤ ((hugs)) & ❤ x infinity

❤ Fans Of Kina

Here was the distraction video that was presented to Kina:

Video Credit: Jacquex

Seriously, Im Balling here…I feel like I just had my first baby…lol! You guys truly Amaze me every single day, and You have all Blessed me so much! Ok enough of my gushiness…cuz im falling apart here…I Love you all so much! ❤ Kim

Photo Credit: KGST


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Behind the Scenes at San Diego Living!

So the wonderfully amazing Kina Grannis stopped by our studio today.. I kinda fanboy’d out on her.. asking her questions about her tour and Why Judy didn’t get with Phil in the FunEmployed Series LOL But she was sooo nice, and if you haven’t had a chance to hear this brilliant singer, check out her youtube channel and subscribe..

She’s starting her tour in 2 days.. and one stop is here in San Diego’s Anthology, its a venue i’ve wanted to check out since they opened and so far only like 2 bands not including Kina, were enticing enough to make me think twice about going.. but Kina’s show is one I want to see, especially after seeing how well her Springtime tour went..

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@KinaGrannis performs for thousands at Lake Forest by the OC Register!

Article Tab : Kina Grannis, the renowned YouTube sensation, opens for Grammy Award-winning Rita Coolidge at Sunday's concert in Pittsford Park.
Kina Grannis, the renowned YouTube sensation, opens for Grammy Award-winning Rita Coolidge at Sunday’s concert in Pittsford Park.

LAKE FOREST – People from throughout Orange County came to Lake Forest for one of the city’s top summer concerts, featuring Grammy Award-winning Rita Coolidge and the renowned YouTube artist Kina Grannis Sunday evening at Pittsford Park.

“We are glad that Kina is performing near her hometown so we can see her live,” fan Bien Nguyen said.

Grannis was the opening act for Coolidge, having numerous fans and her own personal street team getting the crowd prepared for her performance.

People of all ages sang along and danced during her performance.

Afterwards, Grannis allowed fans to line up for an opportunity to get an autograph and photo taken with her.

“Kina is just such a genuine performer, when she makes her video online, performing, where ever she goes, she seems like she is real,” Lauren Kawahara said.


2 Comments also took a couple pics of Kina!Gorgeous!Take a Look!

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Photo by Pele Joez Browner, SHEI Magazine.

Photo by Pele Joez Browner, SHEI Magazine.

Earlier this month, YouTube sensation, Kina Grannis, came to Ann Arbor.  The Blind Pig, specifically.  While you’ve had a chance to read the interview with Grannis by Rhiannon Haller, SHEI Senior Writer, you might not have seen the photos from Pele Joez Browner, a photographer for SHEI Magazine.

Photo by Pele Joez Browner, SHEI Magazine.

Photo by Pele Joez Browner, SHEI Magazine.

A must save Picture!