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Eugene, OR , WOW Show Postponed

@kinagrannis said:

Eugene! If you haven’t heard the news, due to requests, the show at WOW Hall will be postponed to a later date that will better accommodate locals AND students. Tix purchased online will be automatically refunded and tix bought in person can be refunded on site. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this change. ❤

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Win a HIGH QUALITY Poster signed by @KinaGrannis & Boise Smile at @RHBenefit!

WIN a High Quality POSTER (color of choice) SIGNED by all artists ( Kina Grannis and Boris Smile) at the Rio Hondo Benefit Concert!

Download our poster and put it up at your favorite Starbucks, cafe, poster, college dorm, cafeteria, or student lounge! Get creative with your displays and share them with us! Snap a picture with your camera and post it on our wall. Our favorite picture wins!

(please abide by local poster/signage regulations and guidelines)

Download ->

Or Click Picture above.

Source: Rio Hondo Benefit Concert FaceBook

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@KinaGrannis Interview & Performance on San Diego Living!

Update: Here’s a better Landscape recording

Video Credit: FansOfKina


Sorry in advance for the narrowness >_< first time recording off my phone to youtube.

Video Credit: FansOfKina

Click ->>>> Tour Dates

Visit Kina’s Official Site->

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Kina Grannis’ Fall Tour Starts this Friday!

Hey Kinerds!

It’s that time, Yup! TOUR!!! I love these times, we get to see Kina, Meet up with our Fellow Kinerds and catch up and meet New Kinerds!

We are so Excited to get this Tour Started! We have some things for you guys during Tour too. At the shows we’ll (Fans Of Kina Staff, and close friends) be Attending (San Francisco, Anaheim, & San Diego shows) we’ll have something for you guys, so make sure to come up and say hi =D .

We might be able to send some over to the Texas & Florida Shows as well…, but we’ll definitely Twitpic what we’re giving out once we start handing them out, which will be at the San Francisco show next Thursday Night! (Hope to see you there!)

Lets get that Street Teaming blood flowing,& lets get the word out & spread the Kina Love!

Click ->>>>>>>>STREET TEAMING MATERIALS<<<<<<<-Click

This week…we’ll be showing you guys our Official Fans Of Kina Logo! Launching our semi updated Website, and (maybe Merch?) We are extremely Excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on!

So get those Street Team items together and BAM! Have Fun and make sure to spread the Kina Love! ❤

-Fans Of Kina Staff

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#MusicMonday Cambridge by @KinaGrannis #MM

 Video Credit: KinaGrannis

Stairwells on iTunes:…

Order a physical copy here:

Just an update:

We’ve been finally (“Actually”) working on our Logo, ST items, website upgrades, and Fans Of Kina Merch, So we should finally get things out to you guys slowly starting maybe? the end of this week, and so on to the next few weeks.

Please Bear with me, I’m starting school next Monday so the transition might be a little weird, but no worries I’ll still be updating and working on things regularly.


1 Comment Chatted with Kina Grannis!

Videos Twist had on their page:
Baby-Justin Beiber Cover by Kina Grannis

Valentine-Kina Grannis Original (Official Music Video)

Twist got to chat with Kina Grannis about her songs and upcoming tour! She told us all about her favorite artists and even some funny stories. Check it out!

Would you like to see Kina Grannis on her tour? Check out her sound in the videos above and let me know what you think!

Intern Lindsay
TWIST: How have things changed for you since you got your big start at the Superbowl [Kina won the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest, getting a recording contract and having her music video played during the commercials]?
KINA: They’ve changed in almost every way I can think of. For one, since then I’ve been doing music full-time, which is just amazing. It has been my dream for quite a while, so that’s been awesome. Some of the biggest things that came from that contest was I had this huge network of support online. People that had discovered me throughout the contest and have discovered me since on YouTube and things like that, and it’s just been really fun, kind of growing with them…

TWIST: How do you choose the cover songs that you often sing on your website?
KINA: In a few different ways. Some of them are just songs that I’ve known and loved for a while and I just really want to share with people. Other songs are songs that are big on the radio and my fans will write in with requests. Once I hear a song requested enough times, I figure I may as well do this. Those ones are a lot of fun because it’s kind of a fun challenge for me to listen to a song and try to figure how I can make it mine and how it can relate to me.

TWIST: How did your cover of “Baby” come about, was that a request?
KINA: That was a request but I also think Justin’s amazing. I think he has one of the best voices right now and it’s such a fun song. People were requesting it and I had it stuck in my head anyway, so I figured I might as well do this song.

TWIST: Do you have any funny stories from being on tour?
KINA: Touring is a bit of a new thing for me, so this time I’m kind of like let’s see what happens, if I can pull this off, and it was such a great experience. It’s fun meeting all the people in the different cities, and people bringing you little trinkets or showing you their tattoo of Kina on their arm and stuff like that.

TWIST: Do you have any embarrassing moments, anything on tour, or just something in your daily life?
KINA: It’s one of the first shows and you’re trying to come off as just not completely awkward, so I’m on stage and I stepped on the bottom of my mike stand and the microphone just smashed into my face, and I would have like almost gotten a smacked lip. That was one of those times where I’m like I think this is a moment where I just need to laugh at myself and pretend it doesn’t hurt as much as it does and just move on.

TWIST: Do you have any dating advice?
KINA: The most important thing when you start dating is to make sure that they’re always being honest and they’re communicating about how they’re feeling and all of that stuff. Make sure that you find someone that you can really respect and trust. I think that’s huge because, especially when you’re young, it’s so easy to be swept off your feet by someone because he’s cute or popular but at the end of the day you need someone that you can really trust and respect and that you know is going to trust and respect you also.

TWIST: Do you think you’d ever date a fellow musician?
KINA: I understand that some people like to stay away from people that are in their industry but I think the most important thing is finding a person that you really like and whatever they do, you can deal with it.

TWIST: Is there anyone who’s currently on the radio, whose music you really like?
KINA: Justin Bieber, he has an amazing voice. I remember finding him on YouTube years ago before anything had happened. I was thinking this kid is going to be huge no one can sing like this, this is crazy. I enjoyed seeing him kind of rocket to stardom, because he deserves it.

TWIST: Thank you so much Kina!
KINA: Thank you Twist!


Make sure to leave Twist a little comment too…Thanks! ❤

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Kina’s Springtime Tour Recap!

kinagrannis: new video– springtime tour recap! youtube is having issues & not sending it out to subscribers 😦 here you go:

Video Credit: kinagrannis for guitar girl keychain, signed shirts, cds, etc.

thank you all for allowing me to tour in the first place… it was amazing. can’t wait to do it again this fall!

Stairwells Fall Tour: BC, WA, OR, CA, AZ & TX!

Show details:

RSVP on Facebook:!…

My album Stairwells on iTunes:…

Order a physical copy here:

Free download of Stairwells digital booklet (lyrics, thank you, credits):

For everything else: