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#FF @KinaGrannis! #nowplaying “Cambridge”

Video Credit: Kina Grannis 

Download Kina’s New CD Stairwells on iTunes:

Order a physical copy here:

Check out her Tour Dates, she might be coming to a City near you!


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#FF @KinaGrannis! #nowplaying “Delicate” & Happy 2 months #Stairwells! <33

Video Credit: Kina Grannis


Listen & Download Kina’s New CD Stairwells on iTunes:…

Order a physical copy of Stairwells:

Kina if you’re reading this, I just want to say Thank You for all your hard work you put into Stairwells and Now the Tour! We appreciate everything you do! ❤

Kinerds you know I love you guys! Thank you for supporting Kina, and doing all that hard work Street Teaming and spreading the word on Kina’s Music! ❤ & Hugs all around!  -Kim