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Since its a little slow right now…

Here’s a Vid for you guys…and some things you can think about & look at…

Video Credit:KinaGrannis

This song is also on her NEW CD STAIRWELLS! You can View & Purchase her Stairwells CD HERE or on the sidebar under Buy Kina’s Music


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TOUR!!!!!! Yes Fall Tour is Coming Next Month!! To 15 Cities! Which Cities are you going to make?
-You can view all the Fall Tour Dates HERE

-Do you want to get geared up for Tour!                                                                                      Get your Kina Merch HERE  (<-Limited Signed Stairwells STT TShirt!) or HERE 

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Introducing a @Kinerds Website!!!

Now this is AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely Love This!! Kinerds go check out or click the picture above!

Great Job Joey! This is Definitely Awesome!! We are such a Loving Family, why not join us and support Kina Grannis and Join her Street Team! We’d love you to be apart of it!

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EXCITING NEWS!LilithFair Confirmation for Kina!

Lilith Fair have announced that Rhianna, teeny bopper Selena Gomez and the Youtube-born Kina Grannis have now been added to the line-up for the tour.



I seen this news on a blog…so I looked it up myself…and this is confirmed! Kina will be at the LilithFair! Check out the Kina & the artists who are involved so far (Kina is pictured between Kesha & LaRoux 4th row from the bottom)

I still dont know for sure which show or shows Kina will be at, but I’m assuming it will be on July 10th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA . I will definitely keep you up to date!

I’m super excited for Kina! This opportunity is just phenominal, Amazing Artists like Sarah McLachlan, Kelly Clarkson, Martina McBride, Mary J. Blidge, Colbie Caillat, Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Sarah Bareilles, Sugarland …are in this event! Kina is definitely worthy of being amoung these  Great Artist! A big congrats to Kina!!<3333

(Street Team you know what this means right? Yup! You got it…we need to Street Team major…before and during this show…I’m making up CD’s now with labels, Little info cards etc…I have 100 so I can keep~ anyone who needs them let me know and I can send you some once I finish them email me at or get me at SB/TC)AHHH!! Sorry I had to let that out…I’m just so excited for Kina!

To check out more info on the LilithFair GO HERE

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Kina’s Song “Valentine” in a wedding Video! <3 So cute!!

Warren ♥ Bernadette \\ March 26 2010 \\ SDE from Love Story Media on Vimeo

Our first SDE of 2010, shot on Canon DSLRs at 24p. No more choppy pans in the vimeo encode. See the blog post here:

Music by Kina Grannis:

Visit us at

I’m loving this! So Super Cute! Thanks Love Story Media for Using Kina’s Song to show these Amazing Shots! ❤ Love them!

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Music For Your Eyes!

You read that right… music for your eyes!!

I’m playing with the idea of adding slideshows to my product line and when it came down to choosing the soundtrack, Kina Grannis came straight to mind.I’ve been following her for a little while now on her website and her blog (watching her cover songs I love! and recording videos for her own songs) and I’ve grown to be so proud of her!She’s an independent artist located in Southern California.  Her album Stairwells just came out and even though she’s label-less, she managed to debut on the Billboard 200!  Whhhoooooaaaa!  Talk about an accomplishment!

Here’s a video of one of my favorite songs of hers.  It’s cute, catchy, and I love it oh-so-much!

 I was testing her music to a couple of slideshows I’ve made and have absolutely fallen in love with the pairing of Kina Grannis’ music and my images. 

I’m currently waiting for permission to post a client’s slideshow using ‘Valentine’, but for now, be sure to check out her website, her blog, and places to buy her music!! 

: ) 


I love this- that means more of Kina’s Music being listened to!


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A lot of people are #nowplaying Kina Grannis’ “Valentine”!

Video Credit: KinaGrannis

Download Stairwells on iTunes:…

Download “Valentine” for free:

Order a physical copy:

Directed by: Ross Ching

Director of Photography: Abe Martinez

Produced by: Noelle Kessler

The Comments there at the site that posted Valentine are Great! ❤