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Eugene, OR , WOW Show Postponed

@kinagrannis said:

Eugene! If you haven’t heard the news, due to requests, the show at WOW Hall will be postponed to a later date that will better accommodate locals AND students. Tix purchased online will be automatically refunded and tix bought in person can be refunded on site. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this change. ❤

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Kina Covers “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars!

Video Credit: KinaGrannis

Stairwells Fall Tour! Shows in BC, WA, OR, CA, AZ, TX & FL!

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Can I just say, I’ve loved this song since I first heard it, and now! OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! FABULOLUS JOB KINA! ❤

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@KinaGrannis Interview & Performance on San Diego Living!

Update: Here’s a better Landscape recording

Video Credit: FansOfKina


Sorry in advance for the narrowness >_< first time recording off my phone to youtube.

Video Credit: FansOfKina

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Co-Write w/ Kina – Part IV (The Bridge)

Video Credit:KinaGrannis

Stairwells Fall Tour! Shows in BC, WA, OR, CA, AZ, TX & FL!

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Verse 1 written by Kate McGill –

As I lay here on the bed my heart it speaks
I let it beat its beat, you feel the love it leaks
And I can’t describe just how much of it is for you and what you do
But if I could love just one it would be you

Pre-Chorus and Chorus written by Brent Morgan –

All this time, I was broken
Trying to find a love unspoken

And I know ya want the same love,
That I’ve fought so long,
The one we thought was wrong,
And you know I, oh I, need your love
‘Cause we can’t fool ourselves,
into someone elses heart

Verse 2 written by Nicole

And the days go on and on and they won’t stop
I feel the pressure, I guess it will never drop.
‘Cause every time I think it gets better it gets worse than before
I don’t know what I am doing this all for

background music: “cambridge” and “back to us” from my album Stairwells

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Toby Gad a Music Producer, has an interview with Ypulse and Mentions Kina!

tobygadWith concert sales falling, YouTube stars rising and “American Idol” (as fans know it) ending, this summer has raised a lot of questions around the future of the music industry. For today’s Ypulse Interview we reached out to Grammy winning songwriter and producer Toby Gad for an insider’s perspective. Along with working with many popular artists including Beyonce, Fergie, Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson, Toby specializes in building the careers of young talent.

Below he speaks to some of the recent changes in the record industry, what’s required to make it in music today and speculates on what will become of the record company.

Ypulse: How do you see platforms like YouTube and MySpace changing the music industry?

Toby Gad: I think it is giving the power back to the individuals. Now it’s up to the artist to not just rely on the record label to do all the footwork because artists can do most of the footwork themselves these days. They can build their own fan base via MySpace where they have their own audience and they have their own feedback. It’s a huge change and the record labels that used to be A&R-ing [Artists and Repertoire] records and putting records together and were in between the audience and the artists are now almost replaced in certain ways by media like YouTube where the artist can get direct feedback from the listener.

Look at artists like [Dutch singer] Esmée Denters. Justin Timberlake signed her to his record label after she had a huge buzz in Holland with 50 million YouTube views a year ago. She started out as an unknown kid in Holland just singing other people’s songs getting feedback like “try to sing this song,” or “I don’t like how you sing this.” That’s the same feedback A&R at a record label would give new talent. It presents a lot of opportunities for artists.

YP: How has the role of tastemakers like MTV and the radio changed in this new landscape?

TG: I think it has given them huge competition if not putting them out of business. Now kids have their own choices and can also see what their friends like with services like YouTube. The tastemakers are directly the audience.

YP: How do you see forces like The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon creating new models in the tween space with stars like The Jonas Brothers? What effects, if any, do you see with new platforms?

TG: I don’t think [the models] are new. That package has always been there where kids have sitcoms with the stars on them also making albums.

[But these platforms] allow artists to be very powerful if they seize the opportunity and artists can speak to all their fans and tell them what they like and get instant feedback. The record company and brands aren’t in between the artist and fans like they used to be.

For instance, an artist I’m writing with in two weeks, Kina Grannis, has her own fan base and no record deal. She just sold out a show in New York with 500 people. That’s without a record company, without any support, just from putting her own music on MySpace and being active herself. I think that’s really amazing. A massive change.

YP: What opportunities do you see for brands in this space?

TG: There is a huge opportunity with brands and especially TV shows. If you look at that song “Jar of Hearts.” That’s by an artist that was completely unknown before and she had the chance to put the song on “So You Think You Can Dance?” It went on ITunes after that and overnight it sold 50,000 downloads. Now Atlantic Records signed a deal with her that was one of the biggest deals of the year just because of So You Think You Can Dance. So yes, if you have a brand and a song, you can do a lot of damage.

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